Sliced for Hospitality

In hospitality, one of the most demanded dishes and that many establishments still do not include in their menus due to lack of guarantee in a quality product, is theIberian Ham.

In the Dehesa del Ibérico we have wanted to break with this need and have launched packets of Iberian ham on the markethighest quality sliced, freshly cut with a knife.

You no longer need to have a master cutter, or worry about making the most of the piece.

We vacuum pack the envelopes to facilitate their use. It is enough to open them before consumption, let the ham breathe and reach room temperature, arrange it on the plate and it will be ready for consumption, as if it were freshly cut.

In short, a way simple, convenient and profitable to facilitate the inclusion of quality acorn-fed Iberian ham in your restaurant's menu.


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